Our Services

Business Management:

  • Business Development and Growth Strategies
  • Maximizing Sales and Marketing Efforts
  • Business Consolidation and Integration
  • Operational Efficiency Reviews
  • Venture Capital and Working Capital Access
  • Develop Strategies to Maximize Business Valuations in M&A Situations

Managing Environmental Regulations:

  • Facility Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Representing Clients during interactions with EPA, State, Regional and Local Regulatory Agencies
  • RCRA and Industrial Waste Management
  • Facility and Process Reviews to maximize recycle and beneficial re-use options
  • Waste reviews designed to reduce waste transportation and disposal costs
  • Project Management of Plant/Tank Cleaning Operations to reduce costs and minimizing regulatory exposure
  • Project Management of Site Remediation Projects including contractor bidding, operational project management and site closure

Transportation Logistics and Regulatory Compliance:

  • Identification of existing transportation equipment and infrastructure
  • Developing Transportation Logistics efficiency improvement plans
  • Assisting with U.S. DOT Compliance Requirements
  • CDL Driver Training Requirements
  • Real-time Tracking of Equipment to Maximize Utilization
  • Real-time Maintenance Tracking of Equipment Repairs

Aviation Asset Management and Optimization:

  • Identifying Optimal Equipment to Meet Clients Travel Requirements
  • Tracking of Fixed and Variable Aircraft Costs
  • Maintenance Management for Aircraft
  • Acquisition of Aircraft
  • Sale of Aircraft